favicon Remote SJCAM camera

Using this page you can remote your camera.

If you want to use this webpage, follow the tutorial.

Here you can view, download and delete content on the camera.

Here you can start live streaming or start or stop recording.


Here you can capture a photo, you need to have the shooting mode set.

Here you can set the camera


Video recording resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the picture. The higher the number of FPS (frames per rate) the smoothest the video.

Cyclic recording:

Automatic recording of the same long videos in a row, when the memory will be full, will begin to overwrite from the oldest.


Greater contrast between light and dark areas when shooting.


Camera Stabilization during recording videos.

Sound recording:

Sound recording during recording videos.

Time stamp:

Mark the video with the date and time of the yellow color at the bottom left of the video.

Photo resolution:

The higher the resolution, the better the picture.

White balance:

Settings affecting the resulting color tone of the image.


Exposure level.


Alternating current frequency value. Europe: 50 Hz, America: 60 Hz. When the settings are set correctly, the flashing is reduced when recording video under electric light.

Automatic shutdown:

Automatically shut down the camera when it is idle.

Date and time:

Change date and time.

Wi-Fi name

Change the Wi-Fi network name of the camera.

Wi-Fi password:

Change the Wi-Fi network password of the camera.

Reset to default:

Reset to default factory settings.


Format SD card.



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